One tree
One life
One world
You and me


(Lyrics and tune by Danielle Brooks).


A tree has a thousands branches, twigs, leaves and stems which communicate with each other thru rain, wind and sap.

A tree has symmetry. So it is above, it is below. The roots mirror the branches.

They communicate through the earth, water and minerals.

The trunk of the tree is their connector. She brings the two together in unison.


Since ancient times trees have represented life, wisdom and growth.
They symbolize the connection between Heaven and Earth. With the branches reaching up into the cosmic energy, while the roots are grounded on Earth.
In this way trees are cosmic bridges.


In some cultures, the upper part of a tree represents heaven and the lower part represents earth. Furthermore trees are also seen as facilitators for spiritual growth and nourishment.


Trees are a beautiful representation of life. The nourishing love of Mother Earth is collected in the roots and carried upwards into the branches and leaves where it is shared with all life on this planet. It is nurturing, loving and giving.


This is the ongoing life cycle between heaven and earth.

A Love made visible in the tree's delicate scent of blossoms and nutritious fruit. Thus, trees symbolize the oneness and the connection to All.

And this is for the benefit of All.



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