Many people dream and many dream the same dreams.
However, because of the illusion of disconnect we do not see that we are all part of the same dream, the same tree.


The Teaching Tree Foundation's dreams are rooted in a collective sharing of knowledge and wisdom. A coming together to exchange and celebrate in oneness.


Our mission is to empower people in finding their own truth and thus finding mutual and actual truths. It is about awakening to a clear purpose and meaning in ones own life. Rising above self-imposed limitations and thus reaching one's own Greatness.


The foundation wants to be of service to humanity; sharing, knowledge and respect for each other's cultures and belief systems are keywords. It wants to approach challenging topics in a simple and effective way that provides accessibility for everyone.


The teaching tree foundation is about sharing wisdom, love of nature and heart-based spirituality. And from this, the awareness that we are all connected flows naturally. Therefore, we celebrate the oneness and the spark of divinity that resides in all of us.


The Foundation represents a global and international school with an unlimited curriculum. Children and adults alike are encouraged to think and express freely without being tied to dogmatic and theoretical frameworks.


In doing this, the foundation strives to empower teacher and student to transcend to a higher level of understanding and awareness.


According to country, community and specific needs, programs will be offered in close cooperation with local authorities.



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