This is the section of our website where you can read about special projects in your country. But also about special people and their participation and actions.

By clicking on the flag of their country you can learn more about  them.


Ariel Warner is our Treekeeper in England who has done a remarkable job in Chiclayo Peru. Read about Ariel and her work in "who is who".

Theaching Tree's English Network.


Bruno Girard is one of the treekeepers in Canada. His story is a remarkable one. Bruno who is called the security guard of roses, is an expert in his field. Some of his products are: Rose Jelly, Honey & Roses, Rose syrup, Rose vinegar, massage oil, rose soap, rose’ water foam bath, rose water, rose’s pomade, hydrating cream.


The Canadian CD project. This concerns the recording of The Village, a series of stories with animal characters.  This project is in close cooperation with Skip, Lise and the other members of the Brooks family. There maybe a little role for Rufus the dog of Danielle Brooks. Depending on the fee and the working hours dictated by the dogs union. This is what we heard from reliable sources. We may be lucky to hire him as the "leading" star of the recordings. Let's keep our fingers crossed. 

More about Bruno and the Brooks family in the Canadian section of our tree.


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